Jonathan Oliver, commissioning editor of Solaris Books, has acquired  Adornments of the Storm,  the sequel to The Night Clock by Paul Meloy, for publication in 2018. The agent was John Jarrold, and the deal was for UK/US rights.
Paul has a long history in short fiction, including the British Fantasy Award-winning story Black Static (a name later used for the successor to The Third Alternative genre magazine), and his collection ISLINGTON CROCODILES  was published in 2008.
Over several years and a number of stories Paul has created the world of the Quays – sideways from our own reality – with its dream lives and strange horrific inhabitants: human, sub-human and alien. A world of dark evil and a few who understand the horror and fight against the encroaching miasma. Here, at novel length, he continues to explore that world …




‘How do you entwine humour and tragedy without one detracting from the other? Ask Paul Meloy, because he’s done it in The Night Clock.’ – Adam Nevill, author of House of Small Shadows and No One Gets Out Alive.


‘The Night Clock isn’t just a good horror novel, it’s a great one. Superbly written, full of bite, originality, and, most importantly, heart and soul.’ – S.L. Grey, author of The Mall and Underground.


‘A novel from Meloy has been a long time coming, and this debut delivers in style. This is writing that not only paints pictures, but builds worlds. And what terrifying, thrilling, beautiful worlds they are.’ – Tim Lebbon, author of The Hunt and The Silence.





• January 31st, 2017 • Posted in News