Whitbourn, John

John Whitbourn won the Gollancz/BBC Radio First Fantasy Novel competition in the 1990s with A DANGEROUS ENERGY. Since then, he has written eight more novels which mix history and fantasy, as well as a number of short stories and non-fiction articles. His knowledge of history and archaeology feed his fiction, as does his love of the fantastical. Like Susanna Clarke, Neal Stephenson and Jasper Fforde, he is both an outstanding storyteller and a writer of sophistication. He is presently writing a new novel entitled BABYLONDON (Babylon/London), taking in the Gordon Riots of 1780, a remnant of the Faerie Folk, a gangster-esque Lord Mayor of London and William Blake and his Visions of Angels amongst many other characters and settings. He has also written FRANKENSTEIN’S LEGION, a novel related to a multi-media project including a computer game and graphic novels.

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