Brown, Eric

British SF writer Eric Brown is the author of many highly-acclaimed novels, including THE VIREX TRILOGY, THE FALL OF TARTARUS and ENGINEMAN. He has also written some of the best short SF of the last twenty years, and six books for children.

His latest books, provisionally titled PSICHOPATH, XENOPATH and NECROPATH, feature Jeff Vaughan,  a telepath employed by the spaceport on Bengal Station, a vast twenty-level city-port situated in the Bay of Bengal mid-point between India and Burma. As part of a security team working against terrorists and other undesirables, he reads the minds of visitors to Earth. 

Solaris will be re-publishing Brown’s classic SF novel ENGINEMAN in October 2010, revised and with new additional material; and a new SF novel, GUARDIANS OF THE PHOENIX, in December 2010. 

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