Webb, Richard

Richard Webb’s first novel, THE SEEDS OF DISCONTENT, is a wonderfully written fantasy novel, peopled with three-dimensional characters, that has the immediacy of David Gemmell and the overarching plotlines of Steven Erikson and George R R Martin. Richard’s ideas for this series are amongst the most fascinating and best thought-out in the fantasy genre.

Webb has run event management, property development, and lighting design and installation companies during a varied life. He now intends to write full-time. He says: ‘An avid reader of myth and folklore since childhood, I have, whenever time has permitted, written about and sketched imaginary worlds, but work schedules left me with few hours to dedicate to perfecting my projects. Now I have created I’Tearath, a mythical world where magic, not science, predominates, over a planned series of fifteen books. The adventure starts with The Seeds of Discontent, the first in an intended trilogy. It is an epic escapade with timeless themes set in a vibrant magical land where mirror birds flit past winged cats, yet where hero and villain alike show their all-too-human qualities.’

Delivery date – September/October 2006