I’ve run three science fiction and fantasy imprints in the UK since 1988 and edited many well-known authors — some of them were kind enough to make the comments below.

“I cannot praise John Jarrold’s skills as an editor enough. He has taste. He is perceptive, positive and tactful, with a keen eye for a plot fault and a skilled hand at correcting one! Everyone I know who has worked with him has had nothing but praise for him. If your book requires attention and restoring to health – send for Doctor John!” MICHAEL MOORCOCK

“John Jarrold has been the editor and advisor of a virtual ‘who’s who’ of the fantasy and science fiction genres. Indeed, in a number of cases, the authors became members of the ‘who’s who’ elect because of his work with them. Jarrold knows his craft; equally important, he knows just about everyone in the craft, in publishing houses on both sides of the Atlantic – and now reaching across the Pacific. Any aspiring writer looking to benefit from both a keen editorial eye and savvy advice on the market would do well to beat a cyberpath to his door.” GUY GAVRIEL KAY

“John Jarrold is beyond doubt one of the world’s great sf editors. Without his unquestioned knowledge and talents the genre would be a much poorer place…” JON COURTENAY GRIMWOOD

“John Jarrold was my first editor, and the person who bought my first book and put everything he could behind it. He showed incredible patience as deadlines loomed for my second book, and my third, and final chapters arrived one by one with enormous plot changes every pit-stop. He knows what he’s doing and can think on his feet, and he’s a great guy.” KEN MACLEOD

“Working with John was always a pleasure; he’s enthusiastic, conscientious, careful, and of course possesses a wealth of experience of the fantasy genre. A safe pair of hands.” ROBERT HOLDSTOCK

“Without John Jarrold, my novel The Light Ages would probably still be half-finished. John’s simply a great editor, and a wise professional with enormous experience in the publishing field. He cares about books and the people who write them, and sees the things which need to be seen.” IAN R MACLEOD

“John can provide even the most experienced writer with perspective and perspicacity. He has a natural eloquence and feeling for nuance that’s all too rare in today’s publishing world. Taking his advice is one of the best things any author can do with their manuscript.” CHRISTOPHER FOWLER

If you want more background on my publishing career and credentials, please look through my full CV.

Here are some quotes from new writers with whom I’ve worked recently as an editor, used with their agreement:

“You live up to the legend; very tough but VERY fair! You’re on the money and for that I’m very grateful.” – JW, Leicester, UK

“Once again, thank you very much indeed for the brilliant help and guidance you have given me on my first novel over the last eighteen months or so. Overall, your contribution has been priceless and one of the best investments I have ever made. Even if I don’t get end up getting published, I can now appreciate reading novels on a completely new level, having attempted to write my own and been given the benefit of your enormous experience and expertise.” – RJ, Windsor, UK

“Thanks so much for your feedback! I’m pleased with the results. I’ll be a better writer for it. All of your comments have given me a lot of work to do, and I can’t wait to start revising. And thanks for the scoop on the innards of the publishing world.” – RB, Austin, Texas, USA