Pringle, Ruaridh

Ruaridh Pringle is a Scottish author who has written and contributed to various non-fiction publications about walking, climbing and environmental science over the last fifteen years. He has also worked as a freelance journalist, photographer, musician, and in many other fields. His short fiction has been published in INTERZONE.

His first novel, SANCTUARY, is a science fiction epic, spread over five hundred years and many planets. It has the depth and massive concepts of both Iain M Banks and Peter Hamilton.

SURFERS is an irreverent look at interpersonal politics, the recording industry, and the transcending power of music, in the final days before a cosmic catastrophe. Hallucinogenically, genuinely hilarious, its nearest analogy is probably the work of Robert Rankin.

A TIME OF ASHES is another sweeping epic of wonderful characters, beautifully realised multiple worlds, vast concepts, and soaring plotlines. Though firmly science fiction, its initially post-technological standpoint lends it a unique fantasy flavour. First in a planned series.

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