George, Jon

Jon George is the highly-praised author of two SF novels that mix the genre with utterly realistic depictions of war. His first novel, FACES OF MIST AND FLAME, published by Tor UK in 2004, received blanket approval, including these reviews:

“Jon George mixes quantum physics and time travel with a frighteningly realistic depiction of World War 11.” – SFX magazine

“Jon George has made a crashing entrance with his debut novel … securing what I believe will be a devoted fan base and his place among great Science Fiction authors … the whole book is an outstanding accomplishment in writing …” – SF Crowsnest

“War and heroics and politics and the doing of science – Jon George’s debut novel is far better at all of this than might be guessed from its title.” – Roz Kaveney, Time Out

“The main thrust … is a gritty and realistic story about the American re-capture of Guam during WWII … fascinating to watch unfold.” – Cheryl Morgan, Emerald City

“It mixes … Sci-Fi, a nicely humorous account of the mythical labours and the out-and-out horror of combat to enthralling effect.” – Starburst

It was followed up earlier this year by ZOOTSUIT BLACK, which also mixed genres with great success. Jon is now writing his third novel, SIMIANT.

Delivery date: Spring 2007