Hunt, Stephen

Stephen Hunt’s first fantasy novel, FOR THE CROWN AND THE DRAGON, was published by W H Smith’s, having won their New Talent initiative in the 90s. It received excellent reviews from many sources in both the UK and the US, including the Guardian and the leading SF magazines Locus and Interzone, and sold well over 10,000 paperbacks through WHS alone. Stephen set up the website SF Crowsnest – which Google now ranks as the second most-popular SF site in the world – and works as an Associate Director for an international investment banking house.

Stephen has now finished a sweeping new fantasy novel, THE COURT OF THE AIR, in which two young people are hunted across the Kingdom of the Jackals by opposing power factions who employ magic and murder. Featuring magical gateways to the Fey, city-sized dirigible balloons and gentleman assassins, this is a breakthrough novel, which echoes both Kipling’s KIM and Philip Pullman’s NORTHERN LIGHTS. This was published in the UK by HarperCollins Voyager in 2007 (as the first in  a three-book world rights deal) and has been followed by THE KINGDOM BEYOND THE WAVES and THE RISE OF THE IRON MOON with a second, three-book deal being confirmed in March 2008.  The fourth book, SECRETS OF THE FIRE SEA, was published in 2010.


“…the depth and complexity of Hunt’s vision makes it compulsive reading for all ages”


“Stephen Hunt can take his place alongside J R R Tolkien, Mervyn Peake and China Miéville…Hunt’s world is so rich and colourful it keeps you engrossed” 




World rights: HarperCollins UK

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