Marshall, John

New UK genre novelist John Marshall has completed an innovative quartet, DRAKUL. The four novels are centred around legendary demon slayer and lycanthrope Finn Angmon, and his complex relationship with the Drakul Dynasty.  Drawing on the legends of Fionn mac Cumaill, the four novels also pay tribute to Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula, whilst entering the world of science fiction.The story starts with  HOMELAND, set far in the future on Vasudha, home world of the Vampyra.  Vasudha becomes a battle ground when it is invaded by the Zilon. Humans must join forces with their ancient enemy to save the planet.



The second novel, TEPESCH, is set in the present day, and the efforts of Tepesh Drakul, estranged king, to open a portal to the Homeland. In the fourth novel of the DRAKUL series,  the circle is completed and Finn must prevent the invasion and seeding of the Earth with vampire blood. To do this he must defeat Angelica and Angelov Drakul, whilst surviving the fury of Vasudha itself.

The quartet ends where it started, with one chance to break the cycle. The quartet, in the author’s own words: “reveals the true history and ecology of the vampire. Where they originated, their grand design, how they work and who they really are.”


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