Tokyo Sogensha Co., Ltd. have acquired Japanese rights in SF novel ACK-ACK MACAQUE by Gareth L Powell from Corinne Shioji of The English Agency (Japan) Ltd in Tokyo, representing the John Jarrold Literary Agency. The book was published in the UK and US by Solaris in 2012, and has been highly praised:

‘Powell primes an explosive narrative with brilliant cliffhangers’ –The Guardian

‘More fun than a barrel of steampunk monkeys … It’s an over-the-top, verbally caffeinated adventure story with smart, nasty ideas and plenty of pulp. What makes it truly special is Ack-Ack, the action hero who can cut through any strategy session or infodump’ –Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

‘Any book that makes me grin like a buffoon whenever I crack it open is a definite winner. Full of great characters, fast moving plot and lashings of first-rate action, I can t recommend this highly enough’  –The Eloquent Page


ACK-ACK MACAQUE has been shortlisted for the British SF Award for Best Novel, which will be announced over the Easter weekend. The sequel, HIVE MONKEY, was published in 2013.  A third volume will follow early in 2015.

• March 19th, 2014 • Posted in News