sean grigsby


Sean Grigsby, author of SMOKE EATERS, its forthcoming sequel ASH KICKERS and DAUGHTERS OF FORGOTTEN LIGHT, has joined the John Jarrold Literary Agency. He has also had stories published by amazing Stories and Black Library.


Sean is a professional firefighter in central Arkansas, where he writes about lasers, aliens, and guitar battles with the Devil…when he’s not fighting dragons. He also sings.


“I read SMOKE EATERS and loved it,” said John Jarrold. “DAUGHTERS OF FORGOTTEN LIGHT is on the kindle. I was delighted when Sean got in touch to discuss representation and I couldn’t be happier that we have agreed to work together! I’ve also read a new novel that is quite wonderful.  And he sings – which I have also been known to do since fronting a pub band in the early 1980s!”


• May 3rd, 2019 • Posted in News