Audio Deal for Mark Morris

Henna Silvennoinen of has acquired World English audio rights to Mark Morris’ new trilogy, being published by Titan Books, from agent John Jarrold.


The series is called Obsidian Heart, and the first volume is titled THE WOLVES OF LONDON, which Titan will publish in October 2014.


Alex Locke is a rough diamond, an ex-con turned psychology lecturer, who one day receives an offer that he cannot refuse. What follows drags him down into a nightmare more terrifying than anything he could ever have imagined, a nightmare in which he is pursued not only across the country, but ultimately across time by the fabled Wolves of London, a group of ruthless assassins with unbelievable powers at their fingertips. Blending crime, horror, steampunk and dark urban fantasy, Obsidian Heart is a huge, phantasmagorical jigsaw puzzle of a story told in three very distinct parts, each with its own unique atmosphere. Full of twists and turns, it is a Weaveworld for the twenty-first century – brash, audacious and packed with surreal and outrageous imagery.

• July 24th, 2014 • Posted in News