Estes, David

Bestselling self-published fantasy and SF author David Estes has joined the John Jarrold Literary Agency, for translation rights.

David Estes is an Amazon #1 bestselling author who has written more than 30 science fiction and fantasy books. David lives in Hawaii with his beautiful Aussie wife, Adele, his naughty cats, Bailey and Luna, and his rambunctious sons, Beau and Brody.

Since epic fantasy Fatemarked was first published in 2017, David has sold more than 100k books each year. The five-book Fatemarked series has sold more than 400k copies and still sells well six years later. His follow up Kingfall series, set in the same world as Fatemarked, was published two years ago and has performed wonderfully well. The audio rights were sold to Audible Studios a year before the first book was published for a good six-figure advance. He is currently working on his next five-book series set in the same world as Fatemarked and Kingfall, titled Forsworn. In May 2023 he finalized the deal for the audio rights with Audible, including a larger six-figure advance.