First Agency Deal for 2012

Jonathan Oliver, commissioning editor of Solaris Books, has acquired SF novel SERENE INVASION by Eric Brown. The novel will be delivered later in 2012, for an early 2013 publication. The agent was John Jarrold, and the deal was for UK/US rights.

SERENE INVASION spans the first twenty-five years following an alien invasion of Earth.
It’s an entirely peaceable invasion, with the aliens coming, as they see it, to save humanity from self-destruction.
The novel opens in 2025, with the world riven by war, terrorist attacks, poverty and increasingly desperate demands for water, oil, resources. The West and China are sending forces into Africa and South America in order to ‘stabilise’ regimes there, but in reality to garner precious land on which to farm intensively, mine for resources and drill for oil. Much of the global conflict surrounds the dearth of natural resources in an overpopulated world, with the rich West and China doing nothing to alter their materialistic life-style.
And then the Serene arrive.

• January 4th, 2012 • Posted in News