Mark Morris to Edit Original Horror Anthologies for Titan

Cath Trechman, Senior Fiction Editor at Titan Publishing has commissioned two horror anthologies from Mark Morris. The deal is for World rights. The agent was John Jarrold and The Titan Book of Horror Stories will be delivered early in 2017 for publication in the autumn. The second volume will follow 12 months later.


Mark Morris has written over twenty-five novels, among which are Toady, The Immaculate, Fiddleback and The Deluge, three short story collections and several novellas. As editor of Cinema Macabre, a book of horror movie essays by genre luminaries, he won the 2007 British Fantasy Award. His script work includes audio dramas for Big Finish Productions’ Doctor Who and Jago & Litefoot ranges, and also for Bafflegab’s Hammer Chillers series. His recently published work includes the first two books of his Obsidian Heart trilogy, The Wolves of London and The Society of Blood (Titan Books), and he is currently working on the final book of the trilogy, The Wraiths of War, which will be published in October 2016.


Morris said:  “I grew up, as many of us did, reading the annual Pan and Fontana horror and ghost story anthologies of the 60s, 70s and 80s. As such, it has always been my ambition to edit an annual non-themed horror anthology which retains the spirit of those hugely influential volumes while containing the very best fiction that the modern horror genre, an incredibly rich and diverse field, has to offer. My ultimate aim for The Titan Book of Horror Stories is to create a series that will be seen as a byword for genre excellence for generations to come.”




• February 12th, 2016 • Posted in News