New three-book Black Library deal for William King

William King has signed a major new deal with the Black Library for a WARHAMMER 40K series, The Macharian Trilogy, based within the Imperial Guard. 

William King was born in Stranraer, Scotland, and is one of Black Library’s best-selling authors, with sales in excess of half a million books. He started writing for Games Workshop in 1988, and later he worked in the design studio. His swords and sorcery series Gotrek & Felix and his Space Wolf novels have become a staple in the Black Library range. His short fiction has appeared in Interzone, Zenith, and a Year’s Best SF collection. He currently lives in Prague. This deal follows on his return to Black Library with a WARHAMMER trilogy featuring high elf characters Tyrion and Teclis, the first volume of which, Blood of Aenarion, will be published in December 2011.

The deal, for an undisclosed five-figure sum, was conducted with agent John Jarrold, and the first novel in the trilogy will be published in 2012.

• April 7th, 2011 • Posted in News