German Audio Rights Deal for Andrew Bannister’s SF Trilogy

Ann-Katrin Ziser, Senior Rights Manager at Transworld UK, has sold German audio rights to SF series the Spin Trilogy by Andrew Bannister to Audible Germany via Piper, who will publish the novels in Germany.


Simon Taylor at Transworld acquired world rights in a pre-emptive deal from agent John Jarrold in March 2015 and the first book, CREATION MACHINE, was published in May 2016 in the UK.


Andrew Bannister is an environmentalist, speaker and writer of fiction and non-fiction. He has published novels, short stories and technical articles. He has been reading science fiction since he was seven.


Andrew describes his wonderfully imagined setting here:


“The trilogy is set in The Spin at an indeterminate time. The Spin is an ancient artificial cluster of ninety-nine planets and associated suns, inhabited mainly but not entirely by humanoids. The Spin is hundreds of millions of years old and its Creators are no longer extant or known. Their influence is felt in the bizarre form of The Spin itself – several of the planets follow orbits which appear physically impossible – in the deliberately contradictory evidence left in some geological strata, and most importantly in the occasional discovery of remnant machinery from the Construction Phase: the so-called Artefacts. The Creation Machine is the first of these artefacts to impact significantly on the trilogy.”


• July 15th, 2016 • Posted in News