Petersen Games have acquired rights to use Ramsey Campbell’s Lovecraftian creations – including the beings called Y’Golonac, Daoloth, Glaaki, Eihort, and the Insects from Shaggai –  in an expansion pack to their very successful board game CTHULHU WARS (https://petersengames.com/cthulhu-wars/) , featuring Campbell’s name.  The agent was John Jarrold.


Ramsey Campbell is the doyen of horror novelists.  He is the only living horror writer to appear in the Oxford Companion to English Literature. He was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of Liverpool John Moores University in 2015.


Film-maker, screenwriter, producer and novelist Guillermo del Toro has just tweeted about Ramsey Campbell: “An absolute master of modern horror. And a damn fine writer at that.”


Petersen Entertainment was founded to make games with top-grade components, amazing art, and great depth of gameplay. They are explicitly trying to provide a luxury, high-end product for the hobby community.


The company’s founder, Sandy Petersen, first conceived of the idea of doing a roleplaying game based on H. P. Lovecraft’s stories many years ago. That original idea, the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game, is still in print today. Since that time, Sandy has worked on many table-top products, including helping develop the original Arkham Horror board game. He also spent almost 20 years in the computer gaming industry, as a designer on the teams that produced Civilization, Doom, Quake, the Age of Empire series, and Halo Wars. He returned to the world of table-top gaming with the famed Cthulhu Wars strategy game, and now he is Chief Creative Officer of his own company.


The Petersen Games team are all fanatic game players and designers in their own rights, and between them, they have almost a century of combined experience.


“Having discussed this very fully with Ramsey and Arthur Petersen of Petersen Games, it’s an exciting new venture to be involved in,” said John Jarrold. “I’m a games player myself and I look forward to this greatly.”


• October 6th, 2015 • Posted in News