Jen Gunnels at Tor in New York has acquired US rights to Andrew Bannister’s Spin Trilogy, a major science fiction series that opened with CREATION MACHINE, from Helen Edwards, Rights Director of Transworld UK.


Agent John Jarrold sold world rights in the trilogy to Simon Taylor in 2015, and CREATION MACHINE was published by Transworld UK in 2016. The second book in the series, IRON GODS, was published in May 2017. Tor publication dates will be confirmed later.


CREATION MACHINE has received great praise:



“Debut novelist Andrew Bannister comes to the genre with his talents fully formed in the ambitious, compulsively readable Creation Machine . . . [it] has everything: intriguing far-future societies, exotic extra-terrestrial races, artificial galaxies and alien machines dormant for millions of years. Bannister holds it all together with enviable aplomb.” (Eric Brown GUARDIAN)


“Balancing bursts of action with expansive world-building, immersive prose and sharp dialogue, Bannister has written a colourful debut that conjures up the same kind of gnarly, lurid weirdness that made Iain M. Banks’ SF epics so memorable.” (SFX)


“An excellent read that ticked the boxes for me. Augmented humans up to and including one as a cloud of nanomachines, Banksian drones and cruel politics. Grotesque and interesting alien life, and characters I cared about – all written in an engaging style.” (NEAL ASHER)


“A thrilling debut . . . delivers in spades everything I’m looking for in a Space Opera – imaginative settings, strange aliens, an arsenal of unusual weapons, and, most of all, characters I like and who I want to know what happens to them. This is a book that is fast-paced and stylish, but not one where its literary merits outweigh its sheer enthusiasm and sense of enjoyment . . . It reminded me of the first Peter F. Hamilton I read in its sense of epic-ness, or the first Iain (M.) Banks I read in its intelligent plotting and its sense of humour . . . I can’t recommend this one highly enough . . . should be a monster.” (Mark Yon SFFWORLD)


“Bannister’s a fresh, vivid and inventive voice, and Creation Machine’s epic roller-coaster gives modern space opera a much-needed shot in the arm. The scale is Cinemascope, but he keeps a clear and intelligent focus on his characters, settings and ideas.” (IAN R. MACLEOD)


“I really enjoyed Creation Machine: fast-paced, intelligent SF, action-packed and immersive.” (ADRIAN TCHAIKOVSKY, author of Children of Time)


“Bannister’s exemplary world building brings a sense of awe to Creation Machine – you can’t help but marvel at his descriptive prowess . . . a beautiful space opera.” (SCiFiNOW)


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