Limited Edition Deal for Mark Morris

Peter Crowther and PS Publishing have acquired limited edition rights in a new dark novel, THE BLACK,  by Mark Morris.  The agent was John Jarrold and the book will be published in 2014.


Mark is one of the best-known horror authors of the last twenty years.  His previous work includes the bestselling TOADY, STITCH, THE IMMACULATE and FIDDLEBACK, as well as tie-in novels and non-fiction books on horror and film.  Here are his words about THE BLACK:


Kate Nolan is a successful magazine editor with a loving husband, James, and a five year old son, Max. Her life is wonderful, but one day she receives a phone call from James which changes everything. Clearly distressed, James tells Kate to meet him at midnight outside the beach café once owned by her long-dead grandmother in the seaside town of Seahaven, where they both grew up. A strange request, made even more sinister by the fact that in recent weeks Seahaven has become prey to a serial killer who is targeting the local children. Kate keeps the midnight appointment, but instead of finding her husband and son, she finds herself drawn into an ever-tightening web of past misdeeds and long-buried secrets. As hopes for her missing family fade, Kate becomes involved in a desperate race against time. Where are her husband and son? Have they become the latest victims of the serial killer, who calls himself Dominic and seems to know her intimately? And what has all this to do with Kate’s childhood terror of the impenetrable darkness known as ‘the black’?

• August 23rd, 2012 • Posted in News