Three-Book World Rights Deal for Debut Fantasy Novelist

Australian author Mark Barnes’s debut fantasy novel and two sequels have been acquired by 47North, Amazon Publishing’s Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror imprint, in a deal by John Jarrold, to editor David Pomerico.  The first novel, titled Garden of Stones, will be published in spring 2013, with the first sequel following six months later.


When civil war breaks out in Shrīan, the ancient rivalries of the Great Houses threaten even further conflict. Indris, a knight of the Sēq Order of Scholars, returns against his instincts to a city he had foresworn to level the balance of power.  In a world of created races, baroque magic, political assassination and arcane science, the author has created a rich setting, never to be forgotten.


‘I believe this is one of the best and most commercial fantasies I have seen in fifteen years,’ said John Jarrold. ‘There are echoes of both Macbeth and Dune.  Mark’s writing, storytelling, invention and characterisation are remarkable.  It’s a fascinating time in publishing, and I’m delighted to have done this first deal  with David Pomerico in his new home at Amazon. We worked together when he was at Random House and I hold him in the highest regard.’


Mark is a graduate of the Clarion South Writer’s Workshop. Amongst his tutors were Scott Westerfeld, Michael Swanwick, Ian Irvine and Sean Williams.  His previous publications have been short fiction.

• June 25th, 2012 • Posted in News