Second major US deal for Curtis Jobling’s WEREWORLD series

Kendra Levin at Penguin has acquired US rights to Curtis Jobling’s WEREWORLD books 3 & 4 from Zosia Knopp, Rights Director at Puffin UK in a major deal.

Puffin acquired World rights from John Jarrold at John Jarrold Literary Agency.

‘Curtis and I are both delighted about this deal,’ said John Jarrold. ‘Considering that Penguin US only published the first volume this month and still have the second awaiting publication, to acquire the third and fourth books in the series in a major deal this early shows huge enthusiasm and commitment.’
WEREWORLD follows the story of Drew, a shepherd’s son, as he comes of age and discovers he’s the last of the long line of Werewolves, and rightful (yet reluctant) ruler of the land of Lyssia, where shape-shifting ‘Werelords’ reign. Drew is chased across the Seven Realms by the agents of the king, encountering an ever-expanding cast of both benign and fearsome Werelords along the way. The first two volumes in the epic fantasy series are already published by Puffin UK, with two more to follow in 2012.
Curtis Jobling designed the Bafta winning BOB THE BUILDER and is also the creator of FRANKENSTEIN’S CAT, the BBC’s hit children’s animation series based upon his book of the same name. His latest animated creation, RAA RAA THE NOISY LION, can be seen on CBeebies presently. In addition he has numerous shows in development with Disney, the BBC and others.

His website is at:

• September 30th, 2011 • Posted in News