German deal for Chris Beckett

Timothy Sonderhuesken at Droemer has acquired German rights in Chris Beckett’s outstanding SF debut THE HOLY MACHINE from Vanessa Kerr at Grove Atlantic UK. John Jarrold sold rights to Nic Cheetham at Grove Atlantic’s Corvus imprint in this and DARK EDEN, which will be published in the UK early in 2012.

Timothy said, ‘The opening sentences of THE HOLY MACHINE captivated me and I literally could not put the book down before I finished it. But even then the characters would not leave me alone, and I spend a whole week discussing the book with everybody that I met. Chris Beckett has a marvellous way of describing the birth of a machine’s consciousness, and the shocking moment when a scared woman finally realizes that a wonderful life is not the salvation she is longing for. This upmarket Dystopian Fiction appeals to my heart and my brain alike, and I look forward very much to introducing Chris Beckett to the German audience and also reading his next book.’

Droemer have scheduled publication for spring 2012.

• May 20th, 2011 • Posted in News