German deal for David Barnett’s ANGELGLASS

Bernd Stratthaus at Ueberreuter has acquired German rights in ANGELGLASS by David Barnett from Barbara Schrettle of Thomas Schlueck GmbH, representing the John Jarrold Literary Agency. The book was published in the UK in 2007 by Immanion Press, and has received wonderful reviews:

‘A man awakes in a ditch in contemporary Prague with no memory of his past, his identity a blank. He is taken in by a group of eco-activists who name him Poutnik, Czech for wanderer. In 1584, a man awakes in a ditch in Prague, is admitted into the court of Rudolph II and given the name Poutnik … The story shuttles between modern-day Prague as the activists gear up to disrupt the forthcoming N15 summit of oil-producers, and the court of Emperor Rudolph, where a wonderfully drawn cast of characters, real and fictional, scheme for power. The melding of the two compelling story-lines is effortlessly handled, and the breathless denouement draws together story, characters and theme in a seamless whole. Who is Poutnik, and what is his role in both sets of events? Barnett provides the answers in a novel that is both moving and profoundly truthful. Angelglass is stunning.’ – The Guardian

‘Both touching and haunting, at its heart ANGELGLASS is a thoughtful novel about what truly makes us happy, and what makes life worth living.’ – SFX

‘ANGELGLASS is David Barnett’s love letter to Prague…and a rather good novel to boot.’ – Death Ray

‘I have to say that the ending blew me away, crowning this powerful novel. …. Just great stuff and another novel that should be widely read and appreciated.’ – Fantasy Book Critic

David’s latest novel, popCULT, has just been published by Pendragon in the UK.

• May 12th, 2011 • Posted in News