RR haywood


Audible has announced the acquisition of a new trilogy from science-fiction author RR Haywood. The first title in the trilogy, DELIO, will be released exclusively on Audible in September 2022,


DELIO introduces readers to a world in which life has ground to a halt, every human across the world frozen in place. Only a handful of misfits are unaffected, and must race against the clock to undo the catastrophe. As they struggle to survive, they are pursued by a mysterious entity known as DELIO.


Aurelie De Troyer, SVP of International English Content at Audible said: “RR Haywood has the knack of combining a smart story concept with vivid and believable characters, and of blending nail-biting drama with moments of absurd humour. DELIO is no exception and in its ambitious globe-spanning story it also harks back to sci-fi classics from the likes of John Wyndham.”


RR Haywood commented: “I had the idea for this story for a few years and after working with Audible UK and the success of The Code Series I pitched them the rough idea. Thankfully, they loved the concept from the outset, which gave me the confidence to develop the material. Now the first book is done and I’m absurdly excited! DELIO is one of the most exciting projects I have ever worked on and I can’t wait for it to be brought to life through narration.” 


World English audio rights for the trilogy were acquired from John Jarrold Literary Agency.


• March 30th, 2022 • Posted in News