Ian Whates, publisher of NewCon Press, has acquired World English Rights in Entropy of Loss, a novella by SF writer Stewart Hotston. The agent was John Jarrold.

Sarah Shannon and her wife, Rhona Fisher are in the hospice where Rhona is staying after losing a gruelling fight with cancer. Sarah is unable to come to terms with Rhona’s impending death. Work calls – it is Akshai, Sarah’s team mate – and Sarah uses the call as an excuse to leave since their ground-breaking simulations of blackholes have gone wrong. Sarah is eager to get her teeth into the problem.

When they correct the errors the system abandons the simulations, spitting out mathematically significant numbers and demanding a response. When they answer, the system transforms their keyboard into a lichen-like material.

A brilliant story of loss, and First Contact.

Publisher Ian Whates says, “Stewart Hotston is a gifted writer who manages to combine entertaining storytelling with intelligent science fiction. Entropy of Loss is everything I would expect from Stewart – a gripping, thought-provoking novella, and one that we’re excited to be publishing

• July 8th, 2021 • Posted in News