Michael Joseph/Penguin acquires ‘irresistible’ revenge thriller by Ashok Banker

Michael Joseph has acquired the revenge thriller A Kiss After Dying by Ashok Banker.

Publisher Joel Richardson acquired world rights in the novel from John Jarrold at the John Jarrold Literary Agency.

The novel begins with the chance meeting of two young people, Ricky and Hannah – or so Ricky thinks. Soon he finds himself falling for this enigmatic young woman, but we already know the danger he’s in: Hannah has revenge on her mind. And Ricky is only the beginning…

Banker is an Indian author born in Mumbai, now living in Los Angeles. The novel marks his international thriller debut, and was inspired by Ira Levin’s classic A Kiss Before Dying.

Richardson said: “You will never have read a thriller like this one, and you’ll never have met a heroine like Hannah. The cool fresh voice of this reminded me of My Lovely Wife, the audacious set up has echoes of The Kind Worth Killing, and the twist is genuinely jaw-dropping. I’ve had a long wait for an irresistibly good thriller, and I’m so delighted to be publishing this one.”

Banker said: “I’m an avid fan of psychological thrillers. I always wanted to write one that would deliver all the twists, suspense, thrills and drama of my favourite authors. I’m over the moon that Joel Richardson and Michael Joseph are publishing A Kiss After Dying. I wish Hannah good hunting as she goes out into the world!”

A Kiss After Dying is scheduled to be published in spring 2022.

• October 14th, 2020 • Posted in News