Ian Whates at NewCon Press has acquired non-exclusive World English Language hardback rights in The Devil’s Road, a novella by Gary Gibson, for publication in March 2020. The agent was John Jarrold.

Gary Gibson has characterised this novella as PACIFIC RIM meets FAST AND FURIOUS in a tale of GUNS, CARS and KAIJU.

Nobody has taken part in the Devil’s Run annual road race as often as Dutch McGuire and lived to tell the tale. The racecourse circumnavigates the post-apocalyptic ruins of Teijouan, and with a choice between being eaten by the monstrous Kaiju that prowl the island’s devastated cities or murdered by her fellow racers, the odds against surviving another Run, let alone winning it, are slim.

Dutch doesn’t care about the odds nearly so much as she cares about getting back behind the wheel of her beloved Ford Falcon—except for one problem: she’s spent the last five years incarcerated in a high-security prison for her part in a heist.

So when a crooked billionaire offers to put her back in the race on condition she uses it as cover for a secret retrieval operation, she can’t refuse.

Can Dutch survive assassins, monsters, and psychopathic drivers long enough to complete her mission as well as take part in the race—or is this the year death finally catches up with her in a blazing tangle of wreckage?

Gary Gibson is the author of thirteen books, the first ten of which were published by Pan MacMillan in the UK. Of these, he’s perhaps best known for The Shoal Sequence: in order, Stealing Light, Nova War, Empire of Light, and most recently, Marauder.
Doomsday Game and Survival Game are sequels to Extinction Game, which received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly. A novella, Ghost Frequencies, was published by NewCon Press in 2018, as was his first collection of short stories, Scienceville and Other Lost Worlds.



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