John Guy Collick has joined the John Jarrold Literary Agency.


After lecturing on English Literature and Philosophy in Japan for ten years he now tours the world giving talks on (among other things) Neuroscience, A.I., Transhumanism, Robotics and Cyberspace at international conferences. He works closely with experts and government think-tanks on developing scenarios for technology-human relationships in the classrooms of the future, always using science fiction as a reference. Having just got back from presenting in Dubai and Beirut, this spring he’ll be visiting Moscow again to give a talk to the Ministry of Education on how SF can help students develop scientific thinking and a sense of wonder.


His four-volume epic SF series THE BOOK OF THE COLOSSUS has been self-published to great acclaim:


“I’ve just finished reading John Collick’s Thumb, a brilliantly weird and weirdly brilliant surreal SF adventure set at the end of time, based on a really audacious notion, thrillingly written.” – Ian Watson


Thumb is a superb book… The vast, Byzantine, humanoid world of Thumb is a dying earth setting taken to its extremes … and the whole concept has a weird dignity and gravitas to it.” – Adrian Tchaikovsky


“The Book of The Colossus is one of those rare series that re-kindle the reader’s interest in science fiction. Staggering concepts from the seemingly bottomless well of John Guy Collick’s imagination crackle off nearly every page.” – Artist Peter Knifton


Amazon Reviews:


“I’d say you’d be hard pressed to find a darker more surprising novel than Thumb by John Collick. The enormity of the mindscape he projects and the imagination it must have taken to propagate it defies belief.”


(Ragged Claws)

“This is a wonderful book, a massive canvas of purple and blood red skies, oceans of liquid metal, decomposing cities full of fear and squalor inside the body of God (yup, that’s right), nightmarish beings, and exquisite beauty.”


His new, three-book series takes in the Russian Revolution, star creatures, journeys to Mars and beyond, and a brilliant, wide-ranging cast of characters. It’s the dawn of the twentieth century – a new world of revolutionary possibility, when the old regimes are torn down and cruel taboos obliterated. Earth finds itself at the centre of ancient interstellar conspiracies and Communists, Futurists and Fascists all become pawns in a complex game of alien betrayal and revenge.


“John’s imagination is truly outstanding,” said John Jarrold. “I’ve worked with him editorially on THE BOOK OF THE COLOSSUS, and the new series, opening with The Star Tsar, is quite amazing. Horrific, funny and above all endlessly inventive.”


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