Francesca Tristan Barbini of Luna Press has acquired World English rights in three volumes of the Troutespond series of YA novels by young novelist Elizabeth Priest. The agent was John Jarrold.


The first book, CONCRETE FAERY, follows the rambling internal monologue of teenager Ally Guardian – a self-confessed side character to her louder friends, she remains permanently convinced that the universe wanting anything to do with her is a cosmic joke. Late one night her insomniac thoughts are derailed by the appearance of a strange man who sits outside her window, and tells her “I can’t speak to you yet” when she goes down to talk to him. The next day she is implicated in a demonic attack on her history teacher, and given the new girl at their school to look after as punishment. Alana Larbie seems to know everything and claims it was demons who got her kicked out of her old school, mistaking Ally’s sarcasm for knowledge of the real situation. She indulges the mad theories Ally’s oldest friend Tanya is throwing out, despite the scepticism of their one “normal” friend, Teb. They begin to half-heartedly investigate.


The Troutespond Series is a work of Young Adult fantasy, working on the premise that if the supernatural did exist, inquisitive teenagers would be the first to notice and absolutely the worst people ever to interact with it.


“The series is witty, frightening and wonderful,” said John Jarrold.  “The characters leap from the page – funny, infuriating and fascinating.  This is a major achievement, a living, breathing world.”


• September 1st, 2017 • Posted in News