Writer Shweta Taneja has joined the John Jarrold Literacy Agency.


Shweta is a fantasy author, comic writer and journalist based in India. She’s written seven books and two hundred articles in a career spanning fourteen years. She’s a Charles Wallace India Writing Fellow and was shortlisted for Best Writer Award in ComicCon India for The Skull Rosary.


Her graphic novel Krishna Defender of Dharma is part of CBSE and Kendriya Vidyalaya Recommended Lists. Her novels include Ghost Hunters of Kurseong, and How to Steal a Ghost @ Manipal.


The bestselling Anantya Tantrist Mysteries -The Matsya Curse and Cult of Chaos are published by HarperCollins in India. This is a series of adventures and cases solved by a female occult detective, Anantya Tantrist. Based in Delhi, the capital of India, the series takes readers through richly layered supernatural species and creatures, controlled by ruthless occultists called tantriks.


Anantya is 23 years old, the only female tantrik in India (female tantriks are not officially recognised by the Tantrik Association so what she’s doing is illegal), gutsy, expletive-spewing, colourful in her life choices and very entertaining.


The novel is written from a first-person point of view, where Anantya takes us through her rather psychedelic world, dealing with one monster at a time (be it human or otherwise) through wit and blood magic. The supernatural world and its species are based in myths and folklore of the Indian subcontinent.


The series is urban fantasy, comparable to John Constantine, Anita Blake and The Dresden Files.


John Jarrold said: “Shweta’s writing grabbed me immediately. Anantya is a wonderfully involving character and the books mix wit and horror brilliantly.”


Shweta Taneja said: “John has vast knowledge and experience when it comes to the speculative fiction genre and I’m thrilled to be represented by his agency.”


Shweta’s website is:



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