Game designer and novelist Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan is the latest author to join the John Jarrold Literary Agency. Gareth describes himself as: “39, Irish, married, twin four-year-olds, generally affable”.

He has been heavily involved in the Paranoia roleplaying game – and there are exciting announcements coming soon on that front. He is the author of the Paranoia novel Reality Optional. He has also contributed short stories to the Stone Skin Press anthologies The Lion and the Aardvark and Schemers.

Gareth has recently worked on the award-winning DRACULA DOSSIER project with Pelgrane Press & Ken Hite ( – Stoker’s original text expanded and annotated as a spy novel, together with a plethora of roleplaying supplements based on it. He is presently working on CTHULHU CITY ( – a supplement of Mythos urban weirdness that mashes up all of Lovecraft’s cities, from Providence to R’lyeh.

His new novel is THE GUTTER PRAYER.


As above…

Guerdon is neutral in the Godswar – but can the rulers of this city of alchemists, thieves and priests keep the peace intact?

So below…

Three thieves – an orphan, a ghoul, and a cursed man – are betrayed by the master of the thieves’ guild. What strange allies can they gather on their quest for revenge?


Gareth said:

“It’s a novel about how systems break down or mutate under pressure, and how individuals – unscrupulous or heroic – will get crushed by those systems unless they pick the right moment to act, and exert pressure in the right place. That’s likely an outgrowth of my background in tabletop game design – one of my strength is cohesive world building, and the world rarely respects the desires and drives of individuals except at certain pivotal moments.”

John Jarrold said:

“Gareth’s setting is wonderful – as are his characters (human and non-human) and their stories, the way they wind together and interact, and the decisions they make – or those that are forced upon them. His voice is fascinating and involving and this marks a new star of epic fantasy. You’ll be entranced, and sometimes you will shudder at the dark routes through the city’s underworld and the beings you encounter there.”


• July 25th, 2017 • Posted in News