Ian Sales Space Opera Trilogy to Tickety-Boo Press

Gary Compton of Tickety Boo Press has acquired UK and US rights in an epic space opera trilogy from Ian Sales, a client of the John Jarrold Literary Agency.


An Age of Discord opens with A PROSPECT OF WAR, followed by A CONFLICT OF ORDERS and A WANT OF REASON.


Gary Compton said. “Ian Sales is a wonderful addition to our growing list of science fiction authors. We are now very strong in the Space Opera genre with Ian’s trilogy. We will be launching the book at Edge-Lit in July and I personally can’t wait as it is a wonderful story, beautifully written.”


Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it, but those who ignore history do so at their peril. The Empire was born in civil war and now, 1,300 years later, a fresh civil war is brewing. But who is the mysterious “Serpent” who threatens the Imperial Throne? And what can the renegade naval officer known only as the Admiral, and her single battlecruiser, do to combat him? Casimir Ormuz, a young man of low birth, may be the key. Whoever controls him is most likely to win—but he is determined to be his own master


And then the historical origin of the Serpent’s conspiracy abruptly intrudes into the present… And the civil war becomes a battle for the Empire’s survival.


Set in a colourful and richly-detailed universe, An Age of Discord tells an epic story of derring-do and intrigue, while subverting space opera sensibilities and traditions.


• January 16th, 2015 • Posted in News