Urquhart, Emma Maree

Emma Maree Urquhart’s  new novel ALL THE BROKEN THINGS reads like Pacific Rim with a Scottish mythology kick. It might also be viewed as a twisted SF version of TWILIGHT. Disabled engineer Anna is metal from the waist-down, badass from the toes up, and Scottish through and through. She patches up glossy military war machines built to fight supernatural monsters. When a monster she saves becomes dangerously obsessed with her,  Anna sets out to turn the tables on the increasingly violent Enli. But there are monsters on all sides, and her fight uncovers secrets about the machines that threaten everything she’s been fighting for.


Her debut children’s fantasy novel DRAGON TAMERS was self-published in the UK when Emma was 13, with sales of over 35,000 copies, and has been traditionally published in Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Greek, and Portuguese. Emma is now in her late 20s and is a software tester, spending her days finding creative ways to break websites and apps and her nights finding creative ways to break fictional characters. She lives in the north of Scotland and on the weekends can be found learning roller derby, binge drinking tea and taking long brainstorming walks in the woods.