Nexus, Jonny

SF/F writer Jonny Nexus h was born and raised in London but now finds himself exiled by way of marriage to a small town on the outskirts of Greater Manchester. Several years in he’s starting to feel at home, but that might just be delayed Stockholm Syndrome.

He first came to non-quite-prominence in the late 90s with the cult pen-and-paper RPG Webzine Critical Miss, following that up in the early 00s with a monthly RPG humour magazine column in Mongoose Publishing’s house magazine, Signs & Portents. Having written the parody Slayers Guide to Games Masters for them, he followed that up by self-publishing Game Night, a novel of six very dysfunctional Greek-style gods playing a roleplaying game, very badly, with the mortal realm below.

In the years since, he’s self-published three further novels. If Pigs Could Fly and Sticks and Stones tell the story of Rav Shah, a moonlighting social worker turned paranormal detective. In The Sleeping Dragon, five misfits are tasked with saving a fantasy world transformed by the invention of mass-produced magic.

He also had a short story, On Her Majesty’s Deep Space Service, published by Stone Skin Press in their anthology, the New Hero.