Godman, Katie

Originally from Bristol, Katie Godman has lived in Yorkshire, Goa and now lives in London. She has a BA from the University of Leeds in Creative Writing and an MA from London College of Fashion in Fashion History and Culture. Her work has been read at literature festivals and on local radio, and she worked as Prose Editor  for The Cadaverine, an online magazine for young writers. She spent several years working as a school librarian but now works as a costume librarian, has written for The Journal of Dress History and has had papers on fashion history read at historical conferences. She has written four books set in the war torn, renaissance-like world of Morlan; the main trilogy  charting the journey of an assassin and a pirate as they join forces, fall in love and rise through the ranks of the international rebellion to fight against the all conquering Sacrean Empire, as well as a stand alone book following the adventures of one of the rebellion’s spies. She is currently working on a historical novel set in Regency Bristol.