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lizzy priest


Francesca Tristan Barbini of Luna Press Publishing has acquired World English rights in three further volumes of the Troutespond series of YA novels by young novelist Elizabeth Priest. The agent was John Jarrold.

Luna have published the first three books in the series – Concrete Faery, The Changeling’s Choice and Midsummer Dance – since November 2018.

The Troutespond Series is a work of Young Adult fantasy, working on the premise that if the supernatural did exist, inquisitive teenagers would be the first to notice and absolutely the worst people ever to interact with it.

“I was delighted to do this deal on the same day that Midsummer Dance was published,” said John Jarrold. “I’ve been very impressed with Luna’s enthusiasm and dedication. This is a wonderful series, mixing thrills, humour and darkness.  Congratulations to Lizzy Priest!”

Francesca Tristan Barbini said: “I am particularly proud of her achievement, as I met Elizabeth at Eastercon in Bradford, back in 2013. Even then she was a determined young writer. For me, to see her hard work come to life in such an exciting way is truly a joy. Concrete Faery was a marvellous debut, The Changeling’s Choice marked a truly fun and filled Launch party at Eastercon 2019, and today, Midsummer Dance, arrives just in time for the Edinburgh International Book Festival and Dublin Worldcon 2019.

“I am thrilled to work once again with both Lizzy and John Jarrold. Bede Rogerson is also returning to continue the stunning work on Lizzy’s covers. Concrete Faery won him his first Shortlist for the BSFA Awards!”

Praise for Concrete Faery:

5* “What a funny, fresh and humorous take on teenager and magic! It had a very Terry Pratchett feel about it, thanks to the main characters’ quick wit.” Amazon

5* “I loved it. Its quirky and it reminded me of Terry Pratchett. If only because the sentences were such a joy to behold, the jokes were sharp and the elfs were nasty.” Goodreads

4* “Just like “The Hobbit”, but with 400% more women, so “Concrete Faery” clearly wins.” Goodreads




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Jane Routley


Kate Coe at Solaris Books has acquired World English Language rights to Shadow in the Empire of Light, a fantasy novel by award-winning Australian author Jane Routley.  The agent was John Jarrold.

Jane Routley has won the Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novel twice – for Aramaya and Fire Angels. Her story “To Avalon” was nominated for a both an Aurealis and Ditmar Award.

Shine is an orphan without magical gifts in a family of powerful mages, and is stuck in managing the family estates with only an eccentric aunt and a telepathic cat for company. But when the family descend on the house for the annual Fertility Festival, Shine is plunged into intrigue; while helping one cousin to find a compromising letter, rescuing another from an unwelcome alliance and hiding a fugitive, she also discovers a smuggling ring and then stumbles upon a murderous plot to depose the current Family Matriarch, and is forced to run for her life. Kate Coe describes the book as “modern Jane Austen with magic”.

John Jarrold said: “I love the protagonist, Shine, a 23-year-old who I think will entrance readers of recent fantasy by authors like Alison Goodman and Victoria Aveyard. There’s an assured lightness of touch here (and some great humour over the openness of the magic wielders’ dealings involving sex) but also some welcome darkness. The larger story is only starting to unfold as this book ends, and we’re talking to Solaris about that too.”

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Rob J Hayes - author


Rob J. Hayes, self-published author of the Amazon bestseller The Heresy Within, the piratical swashbuckler Where Loyalties Lie, which won Mark Lawrence’s extremely popular SELF PUBLISHED FANTASY BLOG-OFF  in 2017 and a number of other successful fantasy novels, is the latest client of the John Jarrold Literary Agency.


His new novel,  Herald, is a dark epic fantasy about a war between humanity and God. It makes the reader consider who is in the right and wrong, and then challenges that conception. It is the first in a planned trilogy called Age of the God Eater.


In a world where humans can attain power by devouring angels, the Godless Kings sacked heaven, ate the God and stole his immortality. A thousand years later, angelkind has been hunted to near extinction, but there is one hope left. A new Herald has been born, capable of ringing in the Fifth Age and bringing the God back to life. However, this Herald is human, and there is no guarantee which side of the war she will take.


Herald will appeal to fans of John Gwynne’s Faithful and the Fallen, Peter V. Brett’s Demon Cycle, and Chris Wooding’s The Ember Blade.


Rob has been a student, a banker, a marine research assistant, a chef, and a keyboard monkey more times than he cares to count. But eventually his love of fantasy and reading drew him to the life of a writer.


John Jarrold said: “Herald grabbed me from the first page, with its depiction of a world of the last angels, a Godless King who ate God and many other fascinating characters – all of whose motivations we understand (though not as well or easily as we may first believe) and can empathise with. Human, immortal or other, Rob’s characters live and breathe.  The young girl Renira – who many be far more than she has ever imagined. The angels Eleseth and her Fallen brother Armstar, the Godless King Emrik and his sons, and his wolf-like daughter Perel. And many others. It’s a remarkable, involving story and so unlike the run of fantasy I see every day.”







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sean grigsby


Sean Grigsby, author of SMOKE EATERS, its forthcoming sequel ASH KICKERS and DAUGHTERS OF FORGOTTEN LIGHT, has joined the John Jarrold Literary Agency. He has also had stories published by amazing Stories and Black Library.


Sean is a professional firefighter in central Arkansas, where he writes about lasers, aliens, and guitar battles with the Devil…when he’s not fighting dragons. He also sings.


“I read SMOKE EATERS and loved it,” said John Jarrold. “DAUGHTERS OF FORGOTTEN LIGHT is on the kindle. I was delighted when Sean got in touch to discuss representation and I couldn’t be happier that we have agreed to work together! I’ve also read a new novel that is quite wonderful.  And he sings – which I have also been known to do since fronting a pub band in the early 1980s!”


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Helena Dorée, Senior Rights Manager at Little, Brown Book Group, has sold Russian and Turkish rights in outstanding fantasy novel THE GUTTER PRAYER by Gareth Hanrahan. Russian rights went to  Eksmo; and Turkish rights, after an auction, to Egitim.


THE GUTTER PRAYER is the first volume of The Black Iron Legacy and was published by Orbit in the UK and US in January 2019. Cari is a drifter whose past and future are stranger than she can know. Rat is a Ghoul, whose people haunt the city’s underworld. Spar is a Stone Man, subject to a terrible plague that can only have one end. Used as bait by the Thieves Guild, their actions lead to a possible Armageddon in the city of Guerdon – which is as strange and wonderful as any fantasy city. These are only a few of the arcane and brilliantly-conceived beings you’ll meet here.


Author quotes and reviews have been magnificent:


A ground breaking and extraordinary novel . . . Hanrahan has an astonishing imagination (Peter McLean, author of PRIEST OF BONES)

The Gutter Prayer is captivating and complex. Guerdon is a city that seethes with history, horror, and hidden secrets, and Hanrahan’s assured style is reminiscent of China Mieville in the best way possible (Nicholas Eames, author of KINGS OF THE WYLD)

An absolutely stunning debut. Insanely inventive and deeply twisted. I loved it! Highly recommended (Michael R. Fletcher, author of BEYOND REDEMPTION)

Utterly brilliant . . . Excellent, edgy, absorbing writing, an intelligently woven story that throws the unexpected at you with almost the turn of every page, I think Gareth Hanrahan is a total genius (LIZ LOVES BOOKS)

The perfect marriage of grimdark and epic fantasy . . . an impressive debut . . . Boldly ambitious and innovative in equal measure, Hanrahan’s daring entry into the genre is guaranteed to captivate and enthral (BIBLIOSANCTUM)

Employing an enviable skill with both plotting and prose, Gareth Hanrahan has in The Gutter Prayer woven an intricate and finely crafted web of compelling characters navigating a city rich in dark and original wonders. I await the sequel with the keenest anticipation. (Anthony Ryan, author of BLOOD SONG)

Mind-blowingly stellar in every respect; full of seductive creativity, marvelously intelligent, innovative, and frankly revolutionary. This dark and enchanting debut contained no shortage of alluring madness and wondrous imagination that manifests itself gloriously within the pages. Fantasy readers, be wise and buy this book, because there’s simply nothing like it . . . I envision that The Gutter Prayer will not only win many readers’ hearts but also win multiple fantasy awards in the near future. Yes, it was THAT good. Read it. Thank me later (NOVEL NOTIONS)

A gripping tale that meshes beautifully with its fascinating, darkly inventive setting (James Islington, author of THE SHADOW OF WHAT WAS LOST)

With living candles, ancient ghouls, broken gods and more, The Gutter Prayer brims with cool and often twisted ideas (Peter Newman, author of THE VAGRANT)

Hanrahan’s highly anticipated fantasy debut is a real breath of fresh air . . . The Gutter Prayer features a skilfully crafted world, with masterful drama, expert dialogue, brilliant characters and an ending I did not see coming . . . A book that every fantasy fan should read (FANTASY BOOK REVIEW)






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