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by Jasper Kent

Published October 13th 2016

Bestselling horror author Jasper Kent turns to crime fiction with LATE WHITSUN, the first in the Charlie Woolf series of mysteries. Set in Kent’s adopted hometown of Brighton, not long before the outbreak of World War II, LATE WHITSUN combines elements of Agatha Christie, Raymond Chandler and Graham Greene to produce a refreshingly new style of whodunit.


Brighton, 1938 …

Charlie ‘Big Bad’ Woolf thought it would be easy money, and there’s precious little of that for a private detective in a seaside town. It was just a trip up to London to hand over an envelope – a favour for his old partner, Alan O’Connor. But Woolf couldn’t resist taking a peek inside.

The pictures were unadulterated smut; a man and a girl in a hotel room. Blackmail, pure and simple – right up O’Connor’s street. Woolf was happy to be rid of them, handing them over to a masked man in a London park.

When he gets home, O’Connor’s waiting for him, which is a surprise. The bigger surprise is that he’s dead; a bullet through the eye. Woolf is the prime suspect, but when he discovers that the man in the photographs is a German diplomat and the blackmail is being run by MI5, things get more complicated.

It seems obvious who killed O’Connor, but Woolf soon realizes that he’s the only one who cares. With war looming, the good of the country counts for more than the arrest of a murderer. If he’s to see the killer caught, Charlie Woolf must prove that the crime has little to do with the world of espionage …

About the author:

Jasper Kent was born in Worcestershire in 1968, studied Natural Sciences at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and now lives in Hove. TWELVE, the opening book of his historical horror series THE DANILOV QUINTET was one of the bestselling debuts of the year. As well as writing novels, Jasper works as a freelance software consultant. He has also written several plays and musicals.

In addition to other projects, Jasper is planning two more Charlie Woolf novels: THE STALACTITE MAN and TO MUDDY DEATH.

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Acclaim for Jasper Kent’s DANILOV QUINTET:

‘An accomplished, entertaining blend of historical fiction and dark fantasy.’ – THE TIMES

‘Rich historical insight and compelling storytelling.’ – WATERSTONE’S BOOK QUARTERLY

‘A bloody good tale.’ – PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

‘Leaks Russia from its very pages.’ – SAN FRANCISCO BOOK REVIEW

‘You will love Jasper Kent for all eternity. I sure do.’ – ELITIST BOOK REVIEWS

‘A brilliant book.’ – HISTORICAL NOVEL SOCIETY


Jasper Kent is available for interview.

Review copies on request.





• September 30th, 2016 • Posted in News


Ullstein have acquired German rights in the novel CALLING MAJOR TOM by David M Barnett pre-emptively, for a six-figure sum in Euros from Krystyna Kujawinska, Foreign Rights Director at Orion Publishing Group.


Sam Eades at Orion commissioned the novel and acquired world rights from agent John Jarrold in March 2016, and the book is scheduled for Spring 2017 publication in the UK.


Sam Eades said: “CALLING MAJOR TOM is a very British A Man Called Ove and I’ve fallen head over heels with each and every character. It is the heart-warming and ultimately life-affirming story of a man who has given up on the world, but discovers in the most unlikely way that it might not have given up on him. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you will cheer on all the curmudgeons in your life.”


David M Barnett said: “I woke up on the morning of my birthday to find out that not only had another year of my 40s seemed to have suddenly zoomed by, but to cap it all David Bowie had died. A few days later I saw the astronaut Tim Peake on the news, having become the first Briton to do a spacewalk, and all this made the mental rockets start firing. What if you were so grumpy, so fed up with life, that you literally wanted to get away from it all? And where better to go than space? The flip-side of that, of course, is that while astronauts are doing hugely exciting things up there, the rest of us are struggling along with our day to day lives and problems. Calling Major Tom was born out of wondering what would happen if those two worlds collided – the astronaut in splendid isolation far above the world and a normal family back on Earth. Of course, there’s no such thing as a ‘normal’ family – they’re all problematic and dysfunctional in their own ways. So it’s really about unlikely friendships, facing up to problems life throws at us, and finding a chance at redemption in the most unexpected places.”


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CHASING EMBERS, James Bennett’s first contemporary fantasy novel, has been chosen as a Book of the Month by

It’s published by Orbit on both sides of the Atlantic – in the US on September 6 and in the UK on September 8.


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The John Jarrold Literary Agency now represents Australian fantasy novelist Jane Routley. Jane has won the Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novel twice – for Aramaya and Fire Angels. Her story “To Avalon” was nominated for a both an Aurealis and Ditmar Award.


Jane’s new novel, Shadow in the Empire of Light, is Fantasy meets Chick Lit, with a touch of Steampunk.  Shine, the heroine of the novel is an orphan without magical gifts in a powerful family of mages. She is stuck in the country managing the family estates with only an eccentric aunt and a telepathic cat for company.  The Family are descending on the house for the annual Fertility Festival. While helping one cousin find a compromising letter and rescuing another male cousin from an unwelcome alliance, Shine stumbles on a murderous plot to depose the current Family Matriarch and a smuggling ring that puts her life in danger. Soon she is forced to run for her life through an enchanted forest full of magic  and wild cats.  It’s the first in a three-book series.


“Jane’s writing has wit and immediacy – and a strong soupcon of darkness,” said John Jarrold. “I enjoyed this novel immensely, was totally involved, and love her characters and setting.”


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Ian Whates at Newcon Press has acquired World English Language rights to Neil Williamson’s novella THE MEMOIRIST. The agent was John Jarrold.


The novella will be published as a print and e-book early in 2017, as part of a Newcon novella series also featuring work from Alastair Reynolds, Simon Morden and Anne Charnock.


Ian said of the novella: “NewCon Press is delighted to acquire “The Memoirist”, an exceptional piece of near-future SF featuring a fully rounded protagonist, a convincingly portrayed setting, and an unfolding mystery that draws the reader deeply into the narrative. Neil has a knack of depicting world-changing events in an intimate and personal manner, by focusing on the individuals caught at their centre. That has never more apparent than here, despite the story’s trappings of nano-technology, degraded privacy, and the ominous potential of quantum physics.”


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