Kent, Jasper

Jasper Kent’s first novel, TWELVE, is a fantastical thriller, set during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812. Four Russian soldiers and spies are ordered to disrupt the French army as it approaches Moscow after the battle of Borodino. They call on a group of mercenaries from Wallachia, known to one of them, for help… but these mercenaries love the taste of blood. Full of first-class characters, outstanding descriptive writing and sparkling imagination, it is the debut of a new star.

World rights in TWELVE and a sequel were acquired by Bantam UK, who published TWELVE in January 2009 to wonderful reviews and great sales – four reprints within a few months of publication. Only one trade paperback debut novel in the UK sold more copies in 2009. Rights have also been sold in the US, France and Brazil. The sequel, THIRTEEN YEARS LATER, came from Bantam in March 2010.

In June 2009, Transworld/Bantam UK also acquired world rights to the third book in this series.  It wil be published in 2011, and is provisionally titled THE THIRD SECTION.

Jasper has also written a thriller, YOURS ETC., MR SUNDAY. As a book about a 1930s serial killer, who murdered a number of young women in pre-war Brighton and remained uncaught, is being launched, another murder takes place in the seaside town. It is the same in every detail as those earlier crimes – including some details that were never released by the police. A journalist and two experts on the original crimes are drawn into uncovering the perpetrator…

His third novel, SIFR, takes in Roger Bacon, Oxford spies and a mathematical code that could render internet security useless, and is a fast-moving thriller for the 21st century.

Jasper Kent lives in Brighton, UK, works part-time as a software consultant and has co-written two musicals – one of which was produced for Jerusalem’s 3,000th birthday celebrations. He has plans for a number of further novels, including a sequel to TWELVE.

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