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Sam Eades, Editorial Director at Trapeze, has acquired World Rights (All Languages) for The Lonely Hearts Cinema Club by David M Barnett in a deal struck by John Jarrold Literary Agency.

Sam Eades, editor said: ‘The Lonely Hearts Cinema Club is a novel about loneliness, something that many of us will experience at some point in our lives. With his trademark warmth and humour, David explores an unlikely friendship across the generations that will tug on the heartstrings but most importantly leave the reader with hope. Publishing Calling Major Tom has been an absolute joy with rights sold around the world, and I’m so pleased to be working with David again!’

David M Barnett, author said: ‘The Lonely Hearts Cinema Club, just like Calling Major Tom, was sparked by a real news item; what if a nursing home took in students to offer cheaper accommodation but also encourage some inter-generational activity between young and old? We follow Jenny Ebert, a young woman with a troubled past who is hoping to reinvent herself at a new university. As the Baby Boomers and the Millennials cross swords and struggle to find common ground in the remote, coastal Sunset Promenade, everyone begins to learn that what divides us can sometimes bring us together. But as Jenny and the older residents start to bond over a shared love of old film noir movies, secrets, lies and the very real threat of a crime-wave sweeping Sunset Promenade jeopardises the fragile peace… and heralds even darker and more serious consequences. Think The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel meets Fresh Meat meets Farewell, My Lovely, and you’re halfway to The Lonely Hearts Cinema Club.’

John Jarrold, agent said: ‘After Calling Major Tom, the wit, immediacy and warmth of David Barnett’s writing are even more clear in The Lonely Hearts Cinema Club, which makes me laugh and thrills me simultaneously.  His characters are wonderfully real and flawed.  I cheer for them on every page.”

David Barnett is an author and journalist based in West Yorkshire. After a career working for regional newspapers he embarked upon a freelance career writing features for most of the UK national press. He is the author of the critically-acclaimed Gideon Smith series of Victorian fantasies, published by Tor Books, and teaches journalism part-time at Leeds Trinity University. David was born in Wigan, Lancashire, in 1970 and is married to Claire, also a journalist. They have two children, Charlie and Alice.

The Lonely Hearts Cinema Club will be published by Trapeze in March 2018 in export trade paperback, ebook and audio with the mass market paperback in Summer 2018.

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Jen Gunnels at Tor in New York has acquired US rights to Andrew Bannister’s Spin Trilogy, a major science fiction series that opened with CREATION MACHINE, from Helen Edwards, Rights Director of Transworld UK.


Agent John Jarrold sold world rights in the trilogy to Simon Taylor in 2015, and CREATION MACHINE was published by Transworld UK in 2016. The second book in the series, IRON GODS, was published in May 2017. Tor publication dates will be confirmed later.


CREATION MACHINE has received great praise:



“Debut novelist Andrew Bannister comes to the genre with his talents fully formed in the ambitious, compulsively readable Creation Machine . . . [it] has everything: intriguing far-future societies, exotic extra-terrestrial races, artificial galaxies and alien machines dormant for millions of years. Bannister holds it all together with enviable aplomb.” (Eric Brown GUARDIAN)


“Balancing bursts of action with expansive world-building, immersive prose and sharp dialogue, Bannister has written a colourful debut that conjures up the same kind of gnarly, lurid weirdness that made Iain M. Banks’ SF epics so memorable.” (SFX)


“An excellent read that ticked the boxes for me. Augmented humans up to and including one as a cloud of nanomachines, Banksian drones and cruel politics. Grotesque and interesting alien life, and characters I cared about – all written in an engaging style.” (NEAL ASHER)


“A thrilling debut . . . delivers in spades everything I’m looking for in a Space Opera – imaginative settings, strange aliens, an arsenal of unusual weapons, and, most of all, characters I like and who I want to know what happens to them. This is a book that is fast-paced and stylish, but not one where its literary merits outweigh its sheer enthusiasm and sense of enjoyment . . . It reminded me of the first Peter F. Hamilton I read in its sense of epic-ness, or the first Iain (M.) Banks I read in its intelligent plotting and its sense of humour . . . I can’t recommend this one highly enough . . . should be a monster.” (Mark Yon SFFWORLD)


“Bannister’s a fresh, vivid and inventive voice, and Creation Machine’s epic roller-coaster gives modern space opera a much-needed shot in the arm. The scale is Cinemascope, but he keeps a clear and intelligent focus on his characters, settings and ideas.” (IAN R. MACLEOD)


“I really enjoyed Creation Machine: fast-paced, intelligent SF, action-packed and immersive.” (ADRIAN TCHAIKOVSKY, author of Children of Time)


“Bannister’s exemplary world building brings a sense of awe to Creation Machine – you can’t help but marvel at his descriptive prowess . . . a beautiful space opera.” (SCiFiNOW)


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Jeremy Szal Joins JJLA

Jeremy Szal has joined the John Jarrold Literary Agency.  Let him introduce himself:


“I’m a writer of science-fiction, fantasy, and occasional horror, as well as reviews, articles, and essays. My work has appeared or is forthcoming in Nature, Abyss & Apex,, Grimdark Magazine, Lightspeed, Strange Horizons, The Drabblecast, and multiple anthologies. My work has been adapted into audio and translated into Polish, Arabic and Chinese. I have a BA in Film Studies and Creative Writing from the University of New South Wales.


“In 2015, I was a Finalist for Writers of the Future Q3. I have also worked on a short film as a film producer.


“I am also the fiction editor and audio producer for Hugo-winning podcast StarShipSofa, where I have worked with hundreds of talented authors and narrators, from Hugo and Nebula award winners and film actors, to new never seen before voices. These include George R. R. Martin, William Gibson, Christopher Priest, Joe R. Lansdale, Robin Hobb, Kim Stanley Robinson, Joe Abercrombie, and others.


“My favourite authors and sources of literary inspiration include Joe Abercrombie, Iain M. Banks, Paolo Bacigalupi, George R. R. Martin, Pierce Brown, Stephen King, and Michael Grant. Favourite film directors include Bong Joon Ho, Quentin Tarantino, Edgar Wright, Sion Sono, Park Chan-wook, Christopher Nolan, David Fincher, and Martin Scorsese.”






Accused mass murderer Kira Vijov used to be a respected Rogueman, enforcing the law across the Intergalactic Sprawl. Now, stripped of his rank, he’s just another exiled gun for hire and only his sister Ashby believes he didn’t massacre all those people. Still a Rogueman at heart, all Kira remembers is waking up inside an impenetrable vault among blood and bodies, with the memory of a colossal ship in the sky.

When that same ship appears on the other side of the galaxy and people start to vanish, including his sister, the Sprawl comes to Kira for help. He agrees to hunt down the killers who destroyed his life and took Ashby. But the locals make their own rules on the edge of the galaxy, and Kira is going to need dangerous allies to survive. Even if it means getting his hands dirtier than a Rogueman ever should. As the mystery unfolds and his past with it, Kira starts to question his own innocence. He’ll have to decide between saving his sister and uncovering a terrible secret that’s been decades in the making. A secret of which he might just be part.



Jeremy’s website is here:


John Jarrold said: “I see roughly thirty-five submissions every week.  When one jumps out, it’s wonderful.  THE ROGUE GALAXY did that on the first page and continued to involve and fascinate me throughout. Jeremy’s future universe is wonderful and the story and characters are exceptional.”


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I’m delighted to pass on this press release about Imaginarium’s film of Adam Nevill’s award-winning novel THE RITUAL:


Sierra/Affinity will represent foreign sales of David Bruckner’s horror film The Ritual. Produced and fully financed by Entertainment One, The Ritual stars Rafe Spall, and will be made available to international buyers through Sierra/Affinity at this year’s European Film Market in Berlin.

Entertainment One, who will distribute The Ritual in its territories, will look to secure a U.S. partner at the EFM. With a screenplay by Joe Barton (Humans), The Ritual is adapted from Adam Nevill’s novel of the same name and follows four old college friends hiking through the Scandinavian wilderness into the ancient forests of Norse legend where something evil is stalking their every step.

Jonathan Cavendish serves as a producer alongside Richard Holmes. Will Tennant is overseeing the project for The Imaginarium Studios and serves as an executive producer with Andy Serkis and Xavier Marchand, who also oversaw the film’s production for eOne together with Lara Thompson, EVP, Global Film Group.




Entertainment One, who will distribute The Ritual in its territories, will look to secure a U.S. partner at the EFM. With a screenplay by Joe Barton (Humans), The Ritual is adapted from Adam Nevill’s novel of the same name and follows four old college friends hiking through the Scandinavian wilderness into the ancient forests of Norse legend where something evil is stalking their every step.

Jonathan Cavendish serves as a producer alongside Richard Holmes. Will Tennant is overseeing the project for The Imaginarium Studios and serves as an executive producer with Andy Serkis and Xavier Marchand, who also oversaw the film’s production for eOne together with Lara Thompson, EVP, Global Film Group.

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Jonathan Oliver, commissioning editor of Solaris Books, has acquired  Adornments of the Storm,  the sequel to The Night Clock by Paul Meloy, for publication in 2018. The agent was John Jarrold, and the deal was for UK/US rights.
Paul has a long history in short fiction, including the British Fantasy Award-winning story Black Static (a name later used for the successor to The Third Alternative genre magazine), and his collection ISLINGTON CROCODILES  was published in 2008.
Over several years and a number of stories Paul has created the world of the Quays – sideways from our own reality – with its dream lives and strange horrific inhabitants: human, sub-human and alien. A world of dark evil and a few who understand the horror and fight against the encroaching miasma. Here, at novel length, he continues to explore that world …




‘How do you entwine humour and tragedy without one detracting from the other? Ask Paul Meloy, because he’s done it in The Night Clock.’ – Adam Nevill, author of House of Small Shadows and No One Gets Out Alive.


‘The Night Clock isn’t just a good horror novel, it’s a great one. Superbly written, full of bite, originality, and, most importantly, heart and soul.’ – S.L. Grey, author of The Mall and Underground.


‘A novel from Meloy has been a long time coming, and this debut delivers in style. This is writing that not only paints pictures, but builds worlds. And what terrifying, thrilling, beautiful worlds they are.’ – Tim Lebbon, author of The Hunt and The Silence.





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