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John Jarrold has concluded a pre-emptive two-book World Rights deal for Irish fantasy writer Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan with Emily Byron of Orbit, for a major five-figure sum in pounds sterling.

The first book, provisionally titled THE GUTTER PRAYER, will be published in the autumn of 2018, with the sequel to follow a year later.

Cari is a drifter whose past and future are stranger than she can know. Rat is a Ghoul, whose people haunt the city’s underworld. Spar is a Stone Man, subject to a terrible plague that can only have one end. Used as bait by the Thieves Guild, their actions lead to a possible Armageddon in the city of Guerdon – which is as strange and wonderful as any fantasy city. These are only a few of the arcane and brilliantly-conceived beings you’ll meet here.

Gareth describes himself as: “39, Irish, married, twin four-year-olds, generally affable”. He has been heavily involved in the Paranoia roleplaying game – and there are exciting announcements coming soon on that front. He is the author of the Paranoia novel Reality Optional. He has also contributed short stories to the Stone Skin Press anthologies The Lion and the Aardvark and Schemers.

Gareth has recently worked on the award-winning DRACULA DOSSIER project with Pelgrane Press & Ken Hite ( – Stoker’s original text expanded and annotated as a spy novel, together with a plethora of roleplaying supplements based on it. He is presently working on CTHULHU CITY ( – a supplement of Mythos urban weirdness that mashes up all of Lovecraft’s cities, from Providence to R’lyeh.

Acquiring editor Emily Byron said, ‘From the very first page, I knew this book was something special.  It’s a brilliantly conceived story with a dark and visceral edge that really makes it stand out.  The world-building is astonishingly good and it’s peopled with wonderful, complex characters. Fantasy fans are sure to be blown away by Gareth’s talent and we’re thrilled that he has joined the Orbit family.’



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Anna Alexander, Senior Rights Manager at Macmillan, has sold Italian rights to  A TIME OF DREAD by UK fantasy novelist John Gwynne to  Fanucci – who have previously published all four novels in his debut series The Faithful and the Fallen.


World rights in this title and two sequels were acquired by Bella Pagan at Tor UK from agent John Jarrold for a major advance.   A TIME OF DREAD will be published by Macmillan UK and Tor in the US in January 2018.  John’s first novel, MALICE, won Best Debut Fantasy Novel in the David Gemmell Legend Awards in 2013 and the final book in the series, WRATH, has just won Best Traditionally Published Fantasy Novel of 2016 in the Booknest Awards.



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Emma Maree Urquhart has joined the John Jarrold Literary Agency. Her new novel ALL THE BROKEN THINGS reads like Pacific Rim with a Scottish mythology kick. It might also be viewed as a twisted SF version of TWILIGHT. Disabled engineer Anna is metal from the waist-down, badass from the toes up, and Scottish through and through. She patches up glossy military war machines built to fight supernatural monsters. When a monster she saves becomes dangerously obsessed with her,  Anna sets out to turn the tables on the increasingly violent Enli. But there are monsters on all sides, and her fight uncovers secrets about the machines that threaten everything she’s been fighting for.


Her debut children’s fantasy novel DRAGON TAMERS was self-published in the UK when Emma was 13, with sales of over 35,000 copies, and has been traditionally published in Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Greek, and Portuguese. Emma is now in her late 20s and is a software tester, spending her days finding creative ways to break websites and apps and her nights finding creative ways to break fictional characters. She lives in the north of Scotland and on the weekends can be found learning roller derby, binge drinking tea and taking long brainstorming walks in the woods.


“The immediacy of Emma’s writing grabbed me straight away, from the first page,” said John Jarrold. “There were times I wanted to scream at Anna, others that I wanted to hug her. And the world and creatures that Emma has imagined are totally believable, while the story unwinds in ways that are entirely unexpected and heart stopping.  Brilliant!”


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Angela Cleland has joined the John Jarrold Literary Agency. Her new historical fantasy novel is Black Doe, set north of Hadrian’s Wall in the 2nd Century AD.


A Black Doe assassin on the trail of a warlord is stabbed with her own weapon and crucified.


A mother with the blood of the Pictish founder god Cruithne hopes that her son may one day become the chieftain of the Fidach tribe.


For each the goal is clear, and for each the end uncertain.


Bloodshed, tragedy, and the supernatural abound.


Black Doe will sit comfortably on the fantasy-lover’s shelf alongside recent authors Anna Smith Spark and Anna Stephens – and with Adrian Tchaikovsky’s award-winning Echoes of the Fall series. Its historical side is scrupulously researched and would also appeal to readers who enjoy historical fiction by authors such as Conn Iggulden and Christian Cameron – and readers of their recent fantasy novels.


Angela was born in Inverness and grew up in Dingwall by the Cromarty Firth. She has a degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Glasgow and an MA in Creative and Life Writing from Goldsmiths College. She is the author of three volumes of poetry (published by Templar Poetry and Salt Publishing) and one science-fiction novel, Sequela, which she self-published under the name “Cleland Smith”. Sequela went on to be awarded a Kirkus star and was named to the Kirkus Best Books of 2013. It was also listed in the BlueInk Review’s article “Ten must-read self-published science fiction novels”.  She is mother to two young boys and an ageing cat called Loki, and currently lives in Surrey.



“What struck me first was the immediacy of Angela’s writing and the clarity of her characters and setting,” said John Jarrold. “As a huge fan of both fantasy and historical fiction I cannot put my hand on my heart and think of many better novels in the last thirty years that combine those genres so seamlessly.”


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Jessica Purdue, Senior Rights Manager at Orion, has sold Polish rights in THE CAUSAL ANGEL by Finnish science fiction novelist resident in the USA, Hannu Rajaniemi, to MAG, who have already published the first book in the series – THE QUANTUM THIEF and will be publishing THE FRACTAL PRINCE and THE CAUSAL ANGEL in the spring of 2018, together with a re-launch of THE QUANTUM THIEF.


World rights in this series were originally acquired pre-emptively by Simon Spanton of Gollancz for a high five-figure sum in pounds sterling, on the basis of one chapter.  The agent was John Jarrold.


Hannu’s next novel, SUMMERLAND, will be published by Gollancz in the UK and Tor in the US in the summer of 2018.


Praise for Hannu Rajaniemi:


A widescreen-baroque grandeur… A maddening, dizzying and dazzling novel (SFX)

Hannu Rajaniemi is without question one of the smartest and most exciting writers working in science fiction as we speak, and I can’t wait to see what he does next. (

The bottom line for The Causal Angel and the Jean Le Flambeur series: it’s evocative and can be mind-bogglingly at times but this creates a highly addictive air around it, and once you get through to the fine details you will be amazed. This is must read science fiction. (The Book Plank)

With The Quantum Thief, Hannu Rajaniemi set a new standard for science fiction that dared to imagine a post-human future. With its sequel, The Fractal Prince, he successfully built on his narrative foundations to add a greater depth to his characters – not least the gentleman thief Jean le Flambeur – and an added strength to his ideas. So it’s something of a relief to report that the trilogy’s conclusion, The Causal Angel, doesn’t disappoint. (The Skinny)

It’s all things to all people, opening up to deliver whatever you want from it – action and adventure, memorable characters, rich stories and weighty themes. This is what Science Fiction should aspire to. (SF Crowsnest)

The author, who has a PhD in string theory, uses the tropes of the genre to present cutting-edge explorations of post-humanism, quantum physics and cybernetics. The plot is pell-mell, the theory intellectually challenging, and Flambeur appears as a fully rounded human being, with hopes and desires, strengths and flaws. (The Guardian)



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