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stewart hotston


Stewart Hotston has joined the John Jarrold Literary Agency.


Stewart has self-published two novels and a collection of shorts with Alternative Realities: A Family War, A People’s War and Tales of Wild Light.


In May 2019 his novel Tangle’s Game will be published by Abaddon.


He has had numerous short stories published by a variety of presses including NewCon Press, Dust Publishing, Rebellion, Strange Horizons, KnightWatch Press, Fringeworks and Boo Books.  He has also been writing for a computer game called Age of Ascent – along with writing seven stories in that world.


He is presently completing a new novel The Alchemist of Parvedan, and has a number of new ideas for novels and shorter fiction, as well as sequel ideas for Tangle’s Game.


“Stewart’s writing has an immediacy and his ideas have great originality as well as being totally involving – as are his characters,” said John Jarrold. “I’m looking forward to working with him as his writing becomes better and better known!”


Stewart’s website is at:






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tim napper


Australian SF writer T R Napper has joined the John Jarrold Literary Agency.


His debut novel is Thirty-Six Streets - a cyberpunk thriller with lashings of military SF: Ghost in the Shell meets Apocalypse Now. Set around 150 years in the future.


Lin ‘The Silent One’ Vu is a gangster and sometime private investigator. Born in Vietnam, raised in Australia, everywhere an outsider. She lives in Chinese-occupied Hanoi, in the steaming, paranoid alleyways of the Old Quarter – known as the Thirty-Six Streets.


Through grit and courage Lin has carved a place for herself in the Vietnamese underworld. But when an Englishman comes to Hanoi in search for answers over the murder of his dear friend, Lin’s life is turned upside down. She is drawn into the grand conspiracies of the neon gods: of regimes and mega-corporations, as they unleash dangerous new technologies in a quest for absolute power.  Lin must confront the immutable moral calculus of an unjust war. She must choose: family, country, or gang. Blood, truth, or redemption. No choices are easy on the Thirty-Six Streets.


T R Napper worked in international development for around fourteen years in Mongolia, Laos, and Vietnam, and various other places in Southeast Asia and East Asia. He is a basic education specialist, designing and managing programs aimed at enabling ethnic minority children in remote areas to attend primary school (in communities where they would never have set foot in a school otherwise).


More recently he has been a stay-at-home dad and writer. He has returned to Australia after three years in Hanoi, where all he did was read battered science fiction paperbacks, explore the city with his son, and write, write, write in all the spaces in between.


T R Napper began writing fiction in 2013. Since then he’s sold sixteen short stories, including one to the prestigious Asimov’s magazine, several to the excellent Interzone, and numerous others. His short fiction has been translated into Hebrew, French, German, and Vietnamese.


In 2017 he won the Aurealis Award for Best Short Story for “Flame Trees”, (Asimov’s Science Fiction, April/May 2016); and another of his stories “A Strange Loop” (Interzone, January/February 2016) was included in Neil Clarke’s Best Science Fiction of the Year. He is in the final stages of a creative writing doctorate in Noir, Cyberpunk, and Asian Modernity.


Among several current jobs, he works as a dungeon master for the local community centre, running a D&D campaign for young people with autism.


“I read this novel across a weekend,” said John Jarrold. “Enthralled, gripped and loving it, despite darkness and emotional wrenches.  It’s wonderful, and I’m very proud to welcome T R Napper (Tim)  to the agency family!”




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chris beckett


Sara O’Keefe, Editorial Director of Grove Atlantic/Corvus in London has acquired world rights in two further novels by Arthur C Clarke Award-winning UK writer Chris Beckett, for the Corvus imprint.  The deal was concluded with agent John Jarrold.


Corvus have previously published six novels by Beckett including the Clarke Award-winning DARK EDEN and its two sequels, as well as his story collection SPRING TIDE.  DARK EDEN was also the Sunday Times SF Book of the Year. His next novel is BENEATH THE WORLD, A SEA, being published by Corvus in April 2019.


Beckett also won the prestigious Edge Hill Story Award in 2009 for his SF collection THE TURING TEST, published by small press Elastic, beating off literary collections by Booker Prize-winner Anne Enright, Whitbread winner Ali Smith and other literary lions.


“I’ve read all of Chris’ work over the last fifteen years,” said John Jarrold.  “Each novel is wonderful – they are simply ‘Chris Beckett’ novels.  His humanity and invention know no bounds.”


Chris Beckett’s website is:




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Ben Galley

Self-publishing phenomenon Ben Galley has joined the John Jarrold Literary Agency

Ben Galley is an award-winning novelist from the UK, currently living in Victoria, Canada. Driven by a deep passion for the fantasy genre and an entrepreneurial spirit, he has been writing from a young age, completing his first novel at 11 years old. After studying music at college, Ben
dove into the world of self-publishing, and has been continually expanding his readership ever since.

His work – published since his first novel in 2010 – includes the four-book Emaneska Nordic fantasy series, which has sold over 70,000 copies, the Scarlet Star trilogy, mixing Western fantasy and alternate history, Heart of Stone, a military fantasy epic standalone novel about an immortal golem, and most recently the Chasing Graves fantasy trilogy, inspired by Egyptian mythology. Chasing Graves is a high-concept dark fantasy set in a world where ghosts are bound as slaves for the rich. The trilogy follows master thief Caltro Basalt as he is thrust unwillingly into this cutthroat world and fights to reclaim his freedom. Ben has also produced a graphic novel adaptation of his debut novel (The Written) and several short stories. His shorts can be found in the following anthologies: The Art of War, Lone Wolf, and Lost Lore.

He has also received critical accolades:

• Named The Weatherwax Report’s #1 Indie Fantasy Novel of 2018 (Chasing Graves)
• Winner of the Library Journal’s 2016 Fantasy Indie eBook of the Year (Bloodrush) – which was also the bloggers’ favourite of Mark Lawrence’s Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off.
• Voted Best Self-Published Novel of 2017 in the BookNest Fantasy Awards (The Heart of

Wishing to share his self-publishing expertise, Ben launched Shelf Help – a site that provides advice and consultations for aspiring writers – and since 2012 he’s proud to have helped hundreds of authors. As a self-publishing consultant, Ben has worked as a Guardian Masterclass tutor and
has spoken at multiple events and institutions including Book Expo America, the London Book Fair, Warwick, Kingston and Southampton Universities, the London School of Economics, the London Screenwriters’ Festival, the Guildford Book Fair, and the Festival at Hampstead Theatre. Supporting the fantasy community is also extremely important to Ben, and he has spoken at FantasyCon, BristolCon, and Nine Worlds.

John Jarrold said: ”Ben is both a wonderful writer and someone who understands and thinks deeply about the business of publishing. Since he self-published his first novel in 2010 he has achieved a huge amount – and this is really only the beginning. His novels are outstandingly visual, made for film and TV, and we’re going to have a great deal of fun taking to publishers around the world, film-makers and other creative people.”

Ben Galley’s website is:

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Orbit editor James Long has pre-empted for world rights to Legacy of Ash by Matthew Ward, and two further books, from literary agent John Jarrold. Orbit UK will publish alongside sister imprint Orbit US in a co-ordinated international publication, with the first book scheduled for November 2019.


Long said: “Legacy of Ash is epic in every sense of the word, with its diverse cast of characters and intense, bone-crunching battles (which are some of the best I’ve ever read) – a grand, sweeping tale of warring empires and one generation’s struggle to repair the mistakes of the past. I’m thrilled to welcome Matthew to the Orbit list and can’t wait to work with him on what promises to be a spectacular trilogy.”


Ward said: “I’ve been blown away by Orbit’s passion for Legacy of Ash. It’s a great pleasure to be welcomed into their family, and I look forward to an exciting road ahead.”


Jarrold added: “I have known Orbit for decades and been impressed with their publishing on both sides of the Atlantic – not just the titles, but the way they get behind authors and think outside the box in sales, marketing and publicity terms. So I was delighted when both Tim Holman and James Long were in touch rapidly about this wonderful fantasy series – Legacy of Ash is one of the best and most sophisticated epic fantasy debuts I’ve read in fifteen years and more. It’s going to be an exciting ride!”


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