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I’m delighted to announce that Jeremy Szal’s highly-praised SF debut STORMBLOOD will be available from Gollancz in the US and Canada from November 2.

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STORMBLOOD is a high stakes adrenaline filled adventure featuring two estranged brothers suddenly on opposite ends of an addict’s war. And it’s real damn good ― Nick Martell, author of THE KINGDOM OF LIARS

A captivating military sci-fi debut. Stormblood tells a splendid story about two brothers divided by war that is full of comradeship, actions, and conflict ― Novel Notions

A magnificent and explosive adrenaline-fest . . . Szal’s debut is an absolute must read for fans of gritty, action-packed, detective and military SF ― Grimdark Magazine

Stormblood feels like a superb combination of the actions in Red Rising Saga and the world-building of Mass Effect. Exciting, thought-provoking, and full of incredibly intense moments. Military sci-fi readers would be treating themselves well by putting Stormblood on their radar ― Novel Notions

This frenetic, grisly sucker-punch of a book manages to be everything you could want from sci-fi, while also carving out its own niche with a rusty slingshiv. ― Fantasy Book Review

Szal’s world is an insane, twisted place, and STORMBLOOD is one of the best scifi stories you’ll ever read ― Rob Boffard

Razor sharp and vicious, Stormblood is an adrenaline-driven vision of a dark future. Highly recommended! ― Michael R. Fletcher

Vakov Fukasawa is a former soldier, addicted to the biotech inside his own body that makes him constantly crave for action. And there is plenty of action in this fast moving novel, but not at the expense of ideas, or of humanity, or of vivid descriptions of Szal’s carefully imagined war-torn galaxy ― Chris Beckett

An intriguing mix of rich worldbuilding, meaty twists and ballistic ultraviolence ― SFX


And a reminder that the sequel, BLINDSPACE, will be published in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and in the EU on  November 25 2021.

It’s coming in Canada on  January 18 2022. It can be pre-ordered from these retailers:



A US publication date will follow.

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Gary Gibson’s latest independently published science fiction novel ECHOGENESIS has proved to be a hit with readers since its publication in early August. For some weeks now it has trended close to the top of multiple ebook categories on Amazon UK, vying neck to neck with the likes of industry successes Adrian Tchaikovsky and Cixin Liu. Sales continue to be strong and upwards-trending.

John Jarrold said: “As I discussed with Gary, despite having written numerous successful SF novels for a major UK SF publisher, Echogenesis was unexpectedly turned down. Following a lack of enthusiasm from major imprints in both London and New York he decided to explore independent publishing. With one hundred ratings and reviews on Amazon UK so far, the novel has found a home with a readership that clearly rates it extremely positively.”
This echoes the experiences of other previously traditionally published and even award-winning authors who have found a new home in the world of independent publishing.

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Cheryl Morgan, publisher of Wizard’s Tower Press, has acquired World English and ebook rights to the epic fantasy Books of Outremer series by Chaz Brenchley.  The agent was John Jarrold.

This classic series was first published in the 1990s.  Wizard’s Tower will be publishing them in six volumes, beginning in early 2022 with Devil in the Dust.

Once upon a time, a band of believers set out to win control of the holy places for the faithful. It was a long and dangerous journey, and at the end of it they found people whose ways of life were utterly strange to them, who had skills and built cities they could never have imagined. There were miracles, too, and objects of unearthly power, for those who believed. Yet somehow they managed to carve out a group of little kingdoms of the faithful, and to hold on to them for generation after generation. And they called them Outremer, the Land beyond the Sea.

Is this a true story? There are two answers. One is, yes, it is a true story, and you can read about the Crusader Kingdoms in the history books: a good place to start is Sir Steven Runciman’s three-volume A History of the Crusades.

The other answer is, yes, of course it’s a true story, and Chaz Brenchley invented it. The Books of Outremer tells the story of the struggle to control the land of Outremer – not only the war between the invaders and the native peoples, but also the factional struggles within each side, not to mention the magical beings who have their own mysterious reasons for intervening. And most of all, it is the story of a group of individuals, brought together by these public events, but trying to live their own private lives regardless.

The story opens in in the stronghold of Roq de Rançon, in the north of Outremer, where Marron comes as a novice in the military order of Ransomers, where Julianne comes to meet the Elessan baron she must marry, where Jemel comes as a member of an attacking army and where Elisande comes, but won’t say why…


Cheryl Morgan said: “I read the Outremer series in 2004. At the time, Crusader imagery was regularly utilised in support of the war in Iraq, and depiction of queer relationships in fantasy was still a rarity. Consequently the series was a breath of fresh air in a world just starting to go mad. I’m delighted to be able to bring these books back to the reading public.”

“This is a wonderful fantasy series,” said John Jarrold. “And I have thought so for many years, because I was the original commissioning editor for Random House UK in the 1990s!”


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Don D’Auria of Flame Tree Press has acquired World English rights in FELLSTONES, the new novel by doyen of horror writers, Ramsey Campbell. The agent was John Jarrold.

Fellstones takes its name from the seven mysterious objects that have stood on the village green for as long as anyone can remember. It’s where Paul Dunstan lived in his youth, having been adopted by the Staveley family after his parents died in an accident for which he still blames himself. The way the Staveleys tried to shape him to their purposes made him move away and change his name when he grew up. Why were they so obsessed with his musical abilities and a strange song he seemed to have made up as a child?

Were there other reasons he felt driven to hide from them? He’ll remember soon, because their daughter Adele has tracked him down. Perhaps they want to see him again now that they’re growing old, but they’re anxious to involve him in the village festival as well, an event that seems designed to revive ancient magic. By the time he discovers the cosmic source of the Fellstones he may be trapped in the village, and there are other dark truths he’ll discover, and memories he needs to confront. The Fellstones dream, but they’re about to waken.

Flame Tree have published Ramsey’s most recent novels, THE WISE FRIEND and SOMEBODY’S VOICE, as well as a number of his backlist titles. They are also publishing his brilliant Three Births of Daoloth trilogy, THE SEARCHING DEAD (February 2021), BORN TO THE DARK (September 2021) and THE WAY OF THE WORM (March 2022).

Ramsey Campbell is the only living horror writer to appear in the Oxford Companion to English Literature. He was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of Liverpool John Moores University in 2015.
Film-maker, screenwriter, producer and novelist Guillermo del Toro has tweeted about Ramsey Campbell: “An absolute master of modern horror. And a damn fine writer at that.”


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Ian Whates, publisher of NewCon Press, has acquired World English Rights in Entropy of Loss, a novella by SF writer Stewart Hotston. The agent was John Jarrold.

Sarah Shannon and her wife, Rhona Fisher are in the hospice where Rhona is staying after losing a gruelling fight with cancer. Sarah is unable to come to terms with Rhona’s impending death. Work calls – it is Akshai, Sarah’s team mate – and Sarah uses the call as an excuse to leave since their ground-breaking simulations of blackholes have gone wrong. Sarah is eager to get her teeth into the problem.

When they correct the errors the system abandons the simulations, spitting out mathematically significant numbers and demanding a response. When they answer, the system transforms their keyboard into a lichen-like material.

A brilliant story of loss, and First Contact.

Publisher Ian Whates says, “Stewart Hotston is a gifted writer who manages to combine entertaining storytelling with intelligent science fiction. Entropy of Loss is everything I would expect from Stewart – a gripping, thought-provoking novella, and one that we’re excited to be publishing

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